Peering-Policy Stadtwerke Lübeck

The Stadtwerke Lübeck is operating with an open peering policy. We have the following preference for direct peering to partners:

  • The peering partner is operating an 24/7 NOC
  • The peering partner is having up to date routing information at the regional registration
  • The peering partner is having up to date peering information at the peeringDB
  • The peering partner is using RPKI
  • The peering partner is supporting BFD for BGP

Please send peering requests to: with the following details:

  • Peering location (IX name)
  • AS number
  • IPv4 and IPv6 address for peering

Here are the technical details for AS29505 (Stadtwerke Lübeck) to setup peering:

AS number AS29505 (TRAVEKOM-AS)
IPv4 Prefix Limit: 50
IPv6 Prefix Limit: 10
Stadtwerke Lübeck NOC:

Link to the Stadtwerke Lübeck peeringDB entry